signed Gilkes, Adderbury. It has a 10.25 inch square brass dial with a beautifully engraved zig-zag dial centre with a Lozenge type half hour markers and was probably made by Richard Gilkes of Adderbury from around c1738. The superb single iron hand is original. The iron hook-and-spike birdcage movement is very original throughout including  retaining all of its original wheel-work, iron hoop, iron spurs and iron collets.



       ichard Gilkes was a prominent member of the Gilkes family, they were Quakers. He worked in Adderbury from around 1736 until his death in 1787 and was probably the originator of the zigzag dial. Extensive history of Richard and the extended family can be read in  Beesons “clockmaking in Oxfordshire”.








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llustrated here is a wonderfully original hook-and-spike wall clock




Gilkes of Adderbury

                                         Hook-and-Spike Wall Clock c1740



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Wall Clock


Gilkes of Adderbury

Wonderfully Original