attractive and anonymous 8.25 inch square brass dial hook-and-spike. Dating from around c1720 the polished dial centre has a wonderfully naive engraving of four birds within a loose foliage design and may well have been engraved by the clockmaker himself.


The spandrels used for the corners are of the Twin Cherub and Cross type . However the clockmaker here has removed the crosses due to the ultra small dial size. The lozenge half hour markers were popular during this period. The interesting iron hand is original.


The iron and brass birdcage movement has survived in a good original condition including retaining all of its original wheel-work, iron hoop and spurs and comes complete with its original lead going weight, brass bob pendulum and brass pulley.


The attractive and naively engraved dial centre on this clock is a very similar design to the anonymous 30-hour and slightly earlier example illustrated in Darken & Hooper book entitled - English 30 Hour Clocks, page 111. Although a cased hook-and-spike example with plated movement and larger 9.25 inch dial - in my opinion - both clocks were probably made and engraved by either by the same Clockmaker or were made by the same Clockmaking family.


Unfortunately - Because it is unsigned  -  We may never find out who made this clock. But for me this mystery only adds to the excitement of owning such a rare and fascinating 300 year old example!






    ook-and-Spike clocks were relatively simple clocks designed to hang on the wall as a cheaper alternative to a lantern or longcase clock. Most examples were made with the new owners having either a cheap option to just hang the clock directly from a simple iron nail on the wall or they could also use a more expensive option which was to hang the clock from the backboard of a wooden longcase to keep the dust out - which is what happened to many examples at a later date when the owners had more money to spend.





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8 inch T Whole

he interesting early 18th century wall clock Illustrated here is a very



8 inch T centre 8 inch spandrel a 8 inch T hand.ajpg





howing the superb original single iron hand.




ovely engraved dial centre, probably executed by the clockmaker.



howing a close-up of the spandrel pattern




Early Primitive hook-and-spike Wanted


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Early lantern clock Wanted



Hook-and-Spike wall clock c1720

Early 18th century


8 inch top B 8 inch Left Bjpg Birds WHOLE






superb 8.25 inch dial

Wall Clock, dating from c1720

howing the small 8.25 inch

square brass dial



rear view of the top plate.






side view showing the


hoop and spurs.