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Clockmaker Sundials

This very interesting 3.5 inch square Clockmakers  sundial was made in 1709 by D.T, and has two further initials J.A. in the corners. This is possibly the work of Clockmaker Deodatus Threlkeld , who was working in Newcastle during this time. The   J. A.  may well be the initials of John Aynsley who was a close friend to Threlkeld  for many years.

A very rare mid 17th century anonymous 3.5 inch horizontal brass sundial with original gnomon. The centre of the dial is decorated with a series of concentric circles and circular arcs to form a moon or eclipse pattern. The dial which was probably made by provincial clockmaker, would have sat on a window ledge to set the balance wheel lantern clocks of  the house.

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Clockmakers  dial c1650

 Deodatus Threlkeld dated 1709