Z13 (1)ttt

A very original and interesting three train quarter chiming iron ting-tang. Truly a one-off special  Whitehaven clock. Dated 1744


This clock is fully illustrated inside Brian Loomes book ' Clockmakers of Northern England ' and the dial is also shown on the front cover

A wonderfully original hook-and-spike wall clock

signed Gilkes, Adderbury. It has a 10.25 inch square brass dial with a beautifully engraved zig-zag dial centre with a Lozenge type half hour markers and was probably made by Richard Gilkes of Adderbury from around c1738. The superb single iron hand is original.

Gilkes Hook-and-Spike c1740

The Newfield Hall Stables Clock 1895

A rare Victorian turret clock by W.H. Bailey of  Salford, Manchester. This is a particularly interesting clock in that it is not only a very original and complete example throughout, but it also has a wonderfully historical and known provenance attached to it.

Thomas Royle Ting-Tang dated 1744




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8-inch Hook-and-Spike c1720

The interesting early 18th century hook-and-spike wall clock Illustrated here is very attractive.   Dating from around c1720 the polished dial centre has a wonderfully naive engraving of four birds within a loose foliage design and may well have been engraved by the clockmaker himself.

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