he wonderfully primitive, pegged oak lantern clock case                illustrated here was  probably made sometime from around  c1678. It is in a superb original condition and is a rare surviver indeed. This early case was probably made by the local coffin maker.  It is thought that most lantern clocks were made to just hang from a nail on the wall or to sit on a wall bracket and to have a case made for your lantern clock would have been an expensive luxury indeed.


   oday, genuine 17th century lantern clock cases like the                 example illustrated here are very hard to find as  most have simply been lost through the passage of time. Also many lantern clocks that are housed in cases we see today have either been adapted from early longcase cases or have been made in recent years - so it is nice to see a genuine 17th century example that was only ever made to house a lantern clock.


   tanding just under 6 foot 4 inches tall it is of very desirable                    small proportions. The case retains its original coffin type base base and has not been cut down.It also has a lovely and original rich colour /patination - which the photos do not really show well










arly lantern Case


Genuine and original Lantern Case Wanted

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Early lantern clock Wanted